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References for DDM110 Complex Adaptive Systems are marked as
***=main text book (required), **=practical support (recommended), *=background (optional)

Aristotle-320BC The Complete Works [7MB]

Bateson-1972 Steps to an Ecology of Mind [19MB] *

Bertolotti-2017 Springer Handbook of Model based Science [45MB] **

Boccara-2019 Modeling Complex Systems  [14MB] **

Campbell-1949 The Hero with a Thousand Faces [5MB]

Cao & Yu-2012 Behavior Computing [9MB] *

Capra-1975 The Tao of Physics [6MB]

Carroll-1866 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [7MB]

Carroll-1872 Through the Looking Glass [9MB]

Darwin-1859 The Origin of Species [25MB]

Descartes-1637 Discourse on Method [1MB]

Descartes-1641 Meditations on First Philosophy [1MB] (1911 edition) [1MB]

Foerster-2003 Understanding Understanding: Essays on Cybernetics [3MB] *

Galilei-1632 Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems [15MB]

Hofstadter-1979 Gödel Escher Bach [25MB]

James-1890 The Principles of Psychology [vol_I] [49MB]  [vol_II] [45MB]

Kant-1781 Critique of Pure Reason [10MB]

Kelly-1994 Out of Control [8MB] **

Klir-1972 Trends in General System Theory [25MB] *

Lao_Zi-300BC Dao De Jing [2MB]

Luhmann-1984 Social Systems [5MB] *

Maturana & Varela-1972 Autopoiesis and Congition [31MB]

Midgley-2000 Systemic Intervention [50MB] **

Miller & Page-2007 Complex Adaptive Systems-computational models of social life [2MB] ***

Neumann-1958 The Computer and the Brain [6MB]

Orwell-1949 Nineteen Eighty Four [2MB]

Pirsig-1974 Zen and the Art of Motor Maintanance [2MB]

Pirsig-1991 Lila-an Inquiry into Morals [2MB]

Schoen-1983 The Reflective Practitioner [5MB]

Shannon & Weaver-1949 Mathematical Theory of Communication [11MB]

Shelley-1818 Frankenstein [5MB]

Simon-1969 The Sciences of the Artificial (3rd ed) [2MB]

Smith-1776 Wealth of Nations [42MB]

Turing-1954 The Essential Contributions [4MB] (see his collected work)

Von_Bertalanffy-1968 General System Theory [9MB] *

Wiener-1948 Cybernetics [9MB] *

Wittgenstein-1922 Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus [2MB]

Wolfram-1988 Mathematica (vers 5, 2003) [28MB]

Wolfram-2002 New Kind of Science [90MB]