Symposium on User-System Interaction (SUSI)

2-3 December 1999

Conference Chair: Prof dr. Matthias Rauterberg

Location: Carlton De Brug, Mierlo

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Last update: 30-11-1999


The Eindhoven University of Technology wants to create a network between the faculties E, W&I and TM and the people presently working at IPO that will work on innovations in the area of User-System Interaction (USI). The Eindhoven University of Technology intends to achieve this by educating multi-disciplinairymultidisciplinary researchers, by strengthening USI research within the faculties, and by promoting the collaboration between these faculties and IPO.

As a contribution to this goal, IPO – Center for User-System Interaction organises a two-day symposium on User-System Interaction (SUSI). The aim of the symposium is to stimulate the exchange of research ideas in the USI area and to stimulate future collaboration. SUSI is intended to be a forum for informally presenting and discussing present and future research in the USI work area.

The symposium on User-System Interaction invites submissions on the full range of USI-related topics, either in the form of a presentation of a current USI-related project or as a proposal for future collaboration. Submissions may include, but are by no means limited to:

Call for participation

Members of the scientific staff of the faculties E, W&I, and TM, and of IPO are invited to participate in SUSI. Participants can further contribute to SUSI by presenting a current USI-related project and/or a proposal for future collaboration. All submissions require a short written description of 2 pages maximum, covering for example: project title, authors, introduction (including: aim and relevance), background information, research questions, short project description, main activities. The proposals for future collaboration may also include a description of the expertise wanted.

Programme Committee

The submissions will be reviewed by the Programme Committee, consisting of Prof. Paul van den Bosch (E), Prof. Paul de Bra (W&I), Prof. Cees Midden (TM), Prof. Aad Houtsma (J.F. Schouten Institute) and Prof. Matthias Rauterberg (IPO, chairman).


Submissions deadline: 29 October 1999

Distribution of total set of accepted proposals to participants: 8 November 1999

Registration form

Please return the form to the following email address:

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Registration fee

Registration for the symposium is free.