Human-Computer Interaction - how to acquire design knowledge -


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Human-Computer Interaction - how to acquire design knowledge -

What is Human-Computer Interaction about?

Interface Design or Interaction Design?

HCI Research Line: basic cycle

NUI: The First Round

The Digital Desk from Pierre Wellner in 1991

What is a design principle?

Natural User Interfaces (NUI): design constrains

NUI: The Second Round

Tic-Tac-Toe with four interaction styles

Digital Playing Desk (DPD)

User Studies with the DPD

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NUI: The Third Round

The Build-It System Bichsel, Fjeld & Rauterberg 1997

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NUI interaction props: user study

NUI: The Fourth Round

The Build-It System Fjeld, Bichsel & Rauterberg 2001

Navigation Design: experimental results

NUI: The Fifth Round

VIP: tangible interaction props Aliakseyeu, Martens, Subramaniam & Rauterberg 2002

Further Developments

GUI versus NUI interaction models Ullmer & Ishii, 2000

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Trend in Interface Design

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Author: Matthias Rauterberg


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