Human-Computer Interaction - userís knowledge structure -


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Human-Computer Interaction - userís knowledge structure -

The fundamental design problem

What is Human-Computer Interaction about?

Three different function types

The User Interface (1)

The User Interface (2)

Several Notions of ĎModelsí [Horst Oberquelle, 1984]

Userís Mental Models [Stephan Dutke: Mental Models-constructs of knowledge and understanding, 1994]

The Difference between Internal and External Memory

Knowledge in the World and in the Head

Userís motor behavior: Fitts' Law

The Visual Perception System

Activity Theory: the Complete Action Cycle

Userís model: activity cycle

Userís mental structure

How to investigate the userís mental model?

Userís learning process

mental activity is like the Ďflow of a riverí

Learning means Ďdiggingí

Userís Behavior: an example

Userís real knowledge structure

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Author: Matthias Rauterberg


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