User-Centred Design: Design Principles (lecture-4)


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User-Centred Design: Design Principles (lecture-4)

The first most important invariant

The second most important invariant

Limits of the Working Memory

Knowledge in the World and in the Head

The Difference between Internal and External Memory

The Concept of Natural Mappings

Design of Light Switch Panels (1)

Design of Light Switch Panels (2)

Corrective Design (1)

Corrective Design (2)

Design of Door Handles

Design of Shower Faucets

Natural Mapping (1)

Natural Mapping (2)

Double Design

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The most important design principle

Design of Stove Controls (1)

Design of Stove Controls (2)

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Head-up Displays in Cars

Electronic Performance Support System

Airline Applications

Interlacing display and manipulation spaces

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The Virtual Workbench

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BUILD-IT: an integrative design tool

Actual research goals...

Author: Prof. Dr. M. Rauterberg


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