Interaction Design Specification (lecture-6)


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Interaction Design Specification (lecture-6)

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Key references/literature[2]

The Lifecycle Model

The Usability Engineering Lifecycle

User Interaction Specification

State Transition Diagram (STD)

STD Example 1: Draw Circle

STD Example 1 (cont’d)

Hierarchical STD Example 2

Hierarchical STD Example 2 (cont’d)

Petri Nets (PN)

PN: Building Blocks

PN: Formal Definition

PN: Formal Definition (cont’d)

PN: Firing Rules for Transitions

PN: Change of States (1)

PN: Change of States (2)

PN: basic modeling (1)

PN: basic modeling (2)

PN: basic modeling (3)

PN Example: Font Selection

PN Example: a finite-state machine (1)

PN Example: a finite-state machine (2)

What is GOMS?

Members of GOMS Family

What GOMS can model

GOMS Output

GOMS Output (cont’d)

Applications of GOMS

Other GOMS techniques

GOMS Approach

Concept: Goals

Concept: Methods

Concept: Operators

Concept: Selection Rules

Operators vs. Methods

GOMS description How to Use GOMS

GOMS Example 1: PDA Text Entry

GOMS Example 2: Iconise Window

GOMS & KLM Example 2 (cont’d)

GOMS & KLM Example 2 (cont’d)

GOMS Example 3: Graph Drawer

GOMS Example 3 (cont’d)

GOMS Example 4: Editing

GOMS Example 5: DOS File Delete

GOMS Example 6: Mac File Delete

Advantages of GOMS

Disadvantages of GOMS

User Action Notation (UAN)

UAN: Symbols and Operators

UAN: Conditions and Options

UAN: Tables

UAN: Temporal relations

Move object from front to back

UAN for moving object to back

UAN: Example 1

UAN: Example 1a

UAN: Example 1b

UAN: Example 2

Optional Exercises (1)

Optional Exercises (2)

Author: Prof. Dr. M. Rauterberg


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