Interaction Design Buttons


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Interaction Design Buttons

Key references/literature:

What is User-System Interaction about?

Interface Design or Interaction Design?

Trend in Interface Design

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The three important mappings

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The ‘hardware control’-’pixel world’ mapping (2)

The ‘hardware control’-’pixel world’ mapping (2)

The ‘hardware control’-’pixel world’ mapping (3)

Pros and Cons of Pointing Devices

Button-Function Mapping (1)

Button-Function Mapping (2)

How to design the context of button-use?

Button/control design recommendations

The Concept of Natural Mappings

Design of Light Switch Panels (1)

Design of Light Switch Panels (2)

Corrective Design (1)

Corrective Design (2)

Design of Door Handles

Design of Shower Faucets

Natural Mapping (1)

Natural Mapping (2)

The most important design principle

Design of Stove Controls (1)

Design of Stove Controls (2)

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Explicit versus Implicit Design

Implicit Design: screen from “Inigo Gets Out”

Explicit Screen Design

Implicit Screen Design

The Concept of Perceptual Attractors

A design concept for visual attractors

Corrective Design (1)

Corrective Design (2)

Corrective Design (3)

Assignment-1 (1 group a 5)

Assignment-2 (1 group a 5)

Assignment-3 (1 group a 5)

Assignment-4 (1 group a 5)

Author: Prof. Dr. M. Rauterberg


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