[updated May 3, 2020]

Most Prestigious Design Awards Worldwide

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The iF product design award was established as early as 1953. Nowadays 8,000+ entries are submitted from all over the world. 100 awards are given in 4 main categories: product design, communication design, material design, and packaging design. An international expert jury, commissioned by iF, will discuss and evaluate all submitted entries in a dedicated, critical and constructive way. The selection process for the iF design awards is not public, and takes place over three days. During this process, it will become clear which entries from which companies and designers meet the evaluation criteria for outstanding excellence in design. Each jury member can only participate in two consecutive juries. If a jury member is directly connected to one of the submitted entries, they are no longer allowed to vote.


The red dot product design award was presented for the first time in 1955. Meanwhile, more than 4,400 creations are submitted from 60 countries. Awards are given in 3 main categories: product design (100+), communication design (50+), and design concept (200+). The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen (Germany) invests a large amount of time and energy in obtaining the services of expert jurors. The constellation changes from year to year and guarantees a high degree of objectivity and reliability. The independence and international composition of the juries have been major factors in establishing the high reputation of this competition.



The Design & Ad Awards began in 1962 and is considered an elite troupe. Design & Ad Awards are given to16 winners out of 2,600+ submissions.



The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences’ Webby Awards have been around since 1996. Webby Awards received a good 10,000 entries competing in over 100 website, advertising, online video, mobile and app categories.


The American Design Awards have been around since 2000 and receives 30,000 submissions each year. It is among one of the most popular design awards organizations in the world.




Dutch Design Awards (DDA) has been around since 2010 and shows and rewards the very best in the field of Dutch design. To this end, DDA appoints selection committees of independent experts who both nominate candidates and judge submissions; together they will compose a shortlist of 31 finalists. A total of 11 prizes will be awarded, including special awards such as the Best Client Award, BNO Piet Zwart Award and Public Award. With the exception of these awards, an international jury will appoint a winner in each category. The decisive factor in the judgement is the extent to which the design is innovative and/or makes a relevant contribution to society.