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(c) International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
      Matthias Rauterberg, Marino Menozzi & Janet Wesson (Eds.)

Logitech: the Interface Company.
Daniel Borel

Human Design: Building Computation around Human Networks.
Alex Pentland

Mobile Multimodal Dialogue Systems.
Wolfgang Wahlster

3D input device

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[HCI methods]
[Mobile systems]

[Model-based design]
[Search & retrieval]
[Shared displays]

[Social context]
[Special needs]
[Spoken language]
[Tangible bits]
[Touch feedback]
[Ubiquitous computing]
[UI design]
[Usability testing]
[Very large displays]

Manipulation of Viewpoints in 3D Environment Using Interlocked Motion of Coordinate Pairs.
Shinji Fukatsu, Yoshifumi Kitamura & Fumio Kishino

Intelligent Manipulation Techniques for Conceptual 3D Design.
Ji-Young Oh & Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

The YoYo: A Handheld Device Combining Elastic and Isotonic Input.
Andreas Simon & Bernd Froehlich

Godzilla: Seamless 2D and 3D Sketch Environment for Reflective and Creative Design Work.
S. Tano, T. Kodera, T. Nakashima, I. Kawano, K. Nakanishi, G. Hamagishi, M. Inoue, A. Watanabe, T. Okamoto, K. Kawagoe, K. Kaneko, T. Hotta & M. Tatsuoka


Agent design

Experimental Evaluation of Bi-directional Multimodal Interaction with Conversational Agents.
Stephanie Buisine & Jean-Claude Martin

Programmorphosis: a Knowledge-Based Approach to End-User Programming.
Andri Ioannidou

Human and Humanoid Don't Match: Consistency Preference and Impact on Users' Trust.
Li Gong

Confidence Displays and Training in Recommender Systems.
Sean McNee, Shyong Lam, Catherine Guetzlaff, Joseph Konstan & John Riedl

Display I/O

High-Density Cursor: a Visualization Technique that Helps Users Keep Track of Fast-moving Mouse Cursors.
Patrick Baudisch, Edward Cutrell & George Robertson

Reactive Information Displays.
Hari Narayanan & Daesub Yoon

Effects of Visual Separation and Physical Discontinuities when Distributing Information across Multiple Displays.
Desney Tan & Mary Czerwinski


Storyboarding Form-Based Interfaces.
Dirk Draheim & Gerald Weber

Supporting Unconstrained Interaction with Application Sharing Systems.
Du Li, Rui Li & Prabhu Inbarajan

Integrating Customer Relationship Management Strategies in (B2C) E-Commerce Environments.
Shailey Minocha, Nicola Millard & Liisa Dawson


Attentional Effect of Animated Character.
Cholyeun Hongpaisanwiwat & Michael Lewis

User Centred Design through the Keyhole: Video Design Case.
Ole Sejer Iversen & Jacob Buur

Learning Objects: the question of "to be or not to be"?.
Zayera Khan & Sissel Guttormsen Schär

Layering a Minimal Interface.
Frank Vetere & Steve Howard

Empirical studies

Programming in the Kitchen.
Olav W Bertelsen, Toke Eskildsen & Werner Sperschneider

Field Studies in Practice: Making it Happen.
Sari Kujala, Marjo Kauppinen, Pia Nakari & Sanna Rekola

The Misapplication of Engineering Models to Business Decisions.
Gitte Lindgaard

Be Quiet? Evaluating Proactive and Reactive User Interface Assistants.
Jun Xiao, Richard Catrambone & John Stasko

Eye tracking

Command Without a Click: Dwell Time Typing by Mouse and Gaze Selections.
John Paulin Hansen, Anders Sewerin Johansen, Dan Witzner Hansen, Kenji Ito & Satoru Mashino

Proactive Response to Eye Movements.
Aulikki Hyrskykari, Päiv Majaranta & Kari-Jouko Räihä

Symbol Creator: An Alternative Eye-based Text Entry Technique with Low Demand for Screen Space.
Darius Miniotas, Oleg Spakov & Grigori Evreinov

Designing for Visual Influence: an Eye Tracking Study of the Usability of Graphical Management Information.
James Renshaw, Janet Finlay, David Tyfa & Robert Ward

Fun and Aesthetics

Movement and Spatiality in a Gaming Situation - Enhancing Mobile Computer Games with the Highway Experience.
Liselott Brunnberg & Oskar Juhlin

In Search of Resonant Human Computer Interaction: Building and Testing Aesthetic Installations.
Caroline Hummels, Philip Ross & Kees Overbeeke

Redefining Digital Audience: Models and Actions.
Paul Nemirovsky

HCI methods

Ontology for Multi-surface Interaction.
Joelle Coutaz, Christophe Lachenal & Sophie Dupuy-Chessa

Testing the Use of Egocentric Interactive Techniques in Immersive Virtual Environments.
Luciana Porcher Nedel, Carla Maria Dal Sasso Freitas, L. J. Jacob & M. S. Pimenta

Deriving the Navigational Structure of a User Interface.
Jean Vanderdonckt, Quentin Limbourg & Murielle Florins

A Phenomenological Study of Familiarity.
Guy Van de Walle, Phil Turner & Elisabeth Davenport

Model-based design

Using Ontologies in Design of Multimodal User Interfaces.
Zeljko Obrenovic, Dusan Starcevic & Vladan Devedzic

A Model-Based Approach for Engineering Multimodal Interactive Systems.
Philippe Palanque & Amélie Schyn

Pattern Languages in Interaction Design.
Martijn van Welie & Gerrit van der Veer

Search & retrieval

Milestones in Time: The Value of Landmarks in Retrieving Information from Personal Stores.
Meredith Ringel, Edward Cutrell, Susan Dumais & Eric Horvitz

Listen to the Music: Audio Preview Cues for Exploration of Online Music.
Monica Schraefel, Maria Karam & Shengdong Zhao

Simplifying the Management of Large Photo Collections.
Andreas Girgensohn, John Adcock, Matthew Cooper, Jonathan Foote & Lynn Wilcox

Desktop History: Time-based Interaction Summaries to Restore Context and Improve Data Access.
Sean Uberoi Kelly & John P. Davis

The Pragmatic Web: Agent-Based Multimodal Web Interaction with no Browser in Sight.
Alexander Repenning & James Sullivan

A Granular Approach to Web Search Result Presentation.
Ryen White, Joemon Jose & Ian Ruthven
[this most outstanding contribution got the Brian Shackel Award]

User Interfaces for Supporting Multiple Categorization.
Dennis Quan, Karun Bakshi, David Huynh & David Karger

Shared displays

Segmentation of display space interferes with multitasking.
Christopher Campbell & Paul Maglio

Manipulating and Annotating Slides in a Multi-Display Environment.
Patrick Chiu, Qiong Liu, John Boreczky, Jonathan Foote, Tohru Fuse, Don Kimber, Surapong Lertsithichai & Chunyuan Liao

Display-Based Activity in the Workplace.
Mark Perry & Kenton O'Hara

The Plasma Poster Network: Posting Multimedia Content in Public Places.
Elizabeth Churchill, Les Nelson, Laurent Denoue & Andreas Girgensohn

Social context

Managing one's social network: Does age make a difference?.
Hilary Smith, Yvonne Rogers & Mark Brady

Engaging in Email Discussion: Conversational Context and Social Identity in Computer-Mediated Communication.
Leon Watts, Yanuar Nugroho & Martin Lea

Personal Map: Automatically Modeling the User’s Online Social Network.
Shelly Farnham, Will Portnoy, Andrzej Turski, Lili Cheng & Dave Vronay

Special needs

Design and Evaluation of multimodal system for the non-visual exploration of digital pictures.
Patrick Roth & Thierry Pun

SeeWord: Rethinking Interfaces, Insights from word processing software for dyslexic readers.
Anna Dickinson, Peter Gregor & Lucy Dickinson

Does an Individual’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Preference Influence Task-Oriented Technology Use?.
Pamela Ludford & Loren Terveen

How Blind Users' Mental Models Affect Their Perceived Usability of an Unfamiliar Screen Reader.
Sri Kurniawan, Alistair Sutcliffe & Paul Blenkhorn

Spoken language interface

Error Resolution Strategies for Interactive Television Speech Interfaces.
Aseel Berglund & Pernilla Qvarfordt

InterActor for Human Interaction and Communication Support.
Tomio Watanabe, Masashi Okubo & Ryusei Danbara

Tangible bits

Tangible Query Interfaces: Physically Constrained Tokens for Manipulating Database Queries.
Brygg Ullmer, Hiroshi Ishii & Robert Jacob

Chemistry Education: A Tangible Interaction Approach.
Morten Fjeld, Patrick Juchli & Benedikt Voegtli

Measuring the Coordination in 2D Positioning Tasks.
Sriram Subramanian, Dzmitry Aliakseyeu & Jean-Bernard Martens

Touch feedback
TetraTetris: A Study of Multi-User Touch-Based Interaction Using DiamondTouch.
Stephen Kobourov, Christian Collberg, Steven Kobes, Ben Smith, S. Trush & G. Yee

Effective Vibrotactile Cueing in a Visual Search Task.
Robert Lindeman, Yasuyuki Yanagida, John Sibert & Robert Lavine

Collaboration Meets Fitts’ Law: Passing Virtual Objects with and without Haptic Force Feedback.
Eva-Lotta Sallnäs & Shumin Zhai
Ubiquitous computing

Creating New User Experiences to Enhance Collaboration.
John Halloran, Yvonne Rogers, Tom Rodden & Ian Taylor

Visually-tracked Flashlights as Interaction Devices.
Ahmed Ghali, Steve Benford, Sahar Bayoumi, Johnathan Green & Tony Pridmore

Pointing in Intelligent Environments with the WorldCursor.
Andrew Wilson & Hubert Pham

MyTeam: Availability Awareness Through the Use of Sensor Data.
Jennifer Lai, Sachiko Yoshihama, Thomas Bridgman, Mark Podlaseck, Paul Chou & Danny Wong

Proximal Interactions: A Direct Manipulation technique for wireless networking.
Jun Rekimoto, Yuji Ayatsuka, Michimune Kohno & Hauro Oba

Embedding Interactions in a Retail Store Environment: The Design and Lessons Learned.
Noi Sukaviriya,  Mark Podlaseck, Rick Kjeldsen, Anthony Levas, Gopal Pingali & Claudio Pinhanez

UI design
What Makes a Good Answer? The Role of Context in Question Answering.
Jimmy Lin, Dennis Quan, Vineet Sinha, Karun Bakshi, David Huynh, Boris Katz & David Karger

Hyper-Hitchcock: Towards the Easy Authoring of Interactive Video.
Frank Shipman, Andreas Girgensohn & Lynn Wilcox

Interface Design for MyInfo: a Personal News Demonstrator Combining Web and TV Content.
John Zimmerman, Nevenka Dimitrova, Lalitha Agnihotri, Angel Janevski & Lira Nikolovska

Bimanual Interaction on the Microsoft Office Keyboard.
Hugh McLoone, Ken Hinckley & Edward Cutrell

Drag-and-Pop and Drag-and-Pick: Techniques for Accessing Remote Screen Content on Touch- and Pen-Operated Systems.
Patrick Baudisch, Edward Cutrell, Dan Robbins, Mary Czerwinski, Peter Tandler, Benjamin Bederson & Alex Zierlinger

Questioning the Effectiveness of Contextual Online Help: Some Alternative Propositions.
Antonio Capobianco

Software to Sketch Interface Designs.
Beryl Plimmer & Mark Apperley
UI for mobile systems

User Interface Transformation Method for PC Remote Control with Small Mobile Devices.
Hidehiko Okada & Toshiyuki Asahi

The Process of Developing a Mobile Device for Communication in a Safety-Critical Domain.
Jesper Kjeldskov & Jan Stage

Multimodal Menu Interface for Mobile Web Browsing.
Xiaochuan Ma, Paul Maglio & Hui Su

Usability testing

Usability Professionals’ Personal Interest in Basic HCI theory.
Torkil Clemmensen

Managing the 'Evaluator Effect' in User Testing.
Arnold Vermeeren, Ilse van Kesteren & Mathilde Bekker

Classification of Usability Problems (CUP) Scheme.
Ebba Thora Hvannberg & Lai-Chong Law

Creating Realistic Laboratory Settings: Comparative Studies of Three Think-Aloud Usability Evaluations of a Mobile System.
Jesper Kjeldskov & Mikael Skov

Very large displays
Toward Characterizing the Productivity Benefits of Very Large Displays.
Mary Czerwinski, Greg Smith, Tim Regan, Brian Meyers, George Robertson & Gary Starkweather

Enticing People to Interact with Large Public Displays in Public Spaces.
Harry Brignull & Yvonne Rogers
Doctoral consortium

Understanding Awareness Information.
Todd Miller

Improving Usability of E-Commerce Sites by Tracking Eye Movements.
Ekaterini Tzanidou

Interaction with Context-Aware Mobile Hand-Held Devices.
Jonna Hakkila

Ad Hoc Coach System: Supporting Task-oriented Teaching and Learning under Time Pressure.
Johannes Farmer

Developing Usable Context-Aware Mobile Computing: Three Levels of Interactivity.
Louise Barkhuus

The Interactive Stardinates.
Monika Lanzenberger

Interaction Design Patterns in the Context of Interactive TV Applications.
Tibor Kunert

Short papers

Future Telecommunications: Exploring Actual Use.
Lynne Baillie

Facial Orientation During Multi-party Interaction with Information Kiosks.
Ilse Bakx, Koen van Turnhout & Jacques Terken

Empirical evaluation of usability and fun in computer games for children.
Wolmet Barendregt, Mathilde Bekker & Mathilde Speerstra

Location-Based Services for Mobile Telephony: a study of users’ privacy concerns.
Louise Barkhuus & Anind Dey

An analysis of participation structure in conversation based on Interaction Corpus of ubiquitous sensor data.
Mayumi Bono, Noriko Suzuki & Yasuhiro Katagiri

Designing and Prototyping Multimodal Commands.
Marie-Luce Bourguet

Simulating 'Lived' User Experience - Virtual Immersion and Inclusive Design.
Jarinee Chattratichart & Patrick Jordan

Envisioning a Mobile Phone for 'All' Age.
Jarinee Chattratichart & Jacqueline Brodie

Weaving Between Online & Offline Community Participation.
Elizabeth Churchill, Andreas Girgensohn, Les Nelson & Alison Lee

Can Audio Help Navigating in Virtual Environments? An Experimental Ecaluation.
M.F. Costabile, A. De Angeli, F. Pittarello & C. Ardito

Navigation in Hypermedia and Geographic Space, Same or Different?.
Nils Dahlbäck

The Effects of Cognitive Abilities and Geographic Orientation Ability on Navigation in Verbal and Graphical Interfaces.
Nils Dahlbäck

Function of Social Browsing in Integration into a Workplace.
Catalina Danis, Alison Lee & Unmil Karadkar

IRIS: Implementing an Open Environment supporting Inclusive Design of Internet Applications.
John Darzentas, Argyris Arnellos, Jenny Darzentas , Panayiotis Koutsabasis, Thomas Spyrou, Nikos Viorres, Evangelos Vlachogiannis, Carlos Velasco, Yehya Mohamad, Julio Abascal, Jorge Tomas-Guerra , Myriam Arrue-Recondo, Nikitas Tsopelas & Nikos Floratos

Rapid prototyping collaborative dialogue interfaces.
Elyon DeKoven, Marc de Hoogh & David Keyson

Towards Guidelines for Touch Screen Design: Perception of Button Form and Extension.
Morten Fjeld, Hans-Jörg Zuberbühler, Sissel Guttormsen, Fred Voorhorst & Helmut Krueger

Requirements Engineering with Contextual Design and RUP.
Markus Flückiger

A Television Control System based on Spoken Natural Language Dialogue.
Jun Goto, Katzuteru Komine, Yeun-Bae Kim & Noriyoshi Uratani.

A Hierarchical Keyframe User Interface for Browsing Video over the Internet.
Maël Guillemot, Pierre Wellner, Daniel Gatica Pérez & Jean-Marc Odobez

Like Solving a Giant Puzzle: Supporting Collaborative Scheduling at a Film Festival.
Maria Håkansson, Sara Ljungblad & Lars Erik Holmquist

Interaction and Usability of Simulations & Animations: A case study of the Flash Technology.
Andreas Holzinger & Martin Ebner

Metaphors of Human Thinking: A New Tool in User Interface Design and Evaluation.
Kasper Hornbaek & erik Frokjaer

Toward Creative 3D Modeling: an Architects' Sketches Study.
Stéphane Huot, Cédric Dumas & Gérard Hégron

Distribution of Attention and Failure to Save Computer Work.
Gregory Jones & Maryanne Martin

How Do People Get Back to Information on the Web? How Can They Do It Better?.
William Jones, Harry Bruce & Susan Dumais

Emotional Responses to Single-Voice Melodies: Implications for Mobile Ringtones.
Kari Kallinen

Vision-Speech System Becoming Efficient and Friendly through Experience.
Yoshinori Kuno, Mitsutoshi Yoshizaki & Akio Nakamura

Wearable Auto-Event-Recording of Medical Nursing.
Noriaki Kuwahara, Haruo Noma, Nobuji Tetsutani, Kiyoshi Kogure, Norihiro Hagita & Hiroshi Iseki

VEWL: A Framework for Building a Windowing Interface in a Virtual Environment.
Daniel Larimer & Doug Bowman

DriftCatcher: The Implicit Social Context of Email.
Andrea Lockerd & Ted Selker

Messaging And Formality: Will IM Follow in the Footsteps of Email?.
Tracey Lovejoy & Jonathan Grudin

Managing Multiple Passwords and Multiple Logins: MiFA Minimal-Feedback Hints for Remote Authentication.
Bo Lu & Michael Twidale

The Ultrasound Image of the Tongue Surface as Input for Man/Machine Interface.
Konrad Lukaszewicz

Mapping Fabrics to Music: Lessons Learned.
Sus Lundgren, Sara Johansson, Fredrik Nilsson, Pär Stenberg & Paula Thorin

Photography Based Artefact Analysis.
Petri Mannonen, Hannu Kuoppala & Mika Nieminen

Effect of Information Modality on Geographic Cognition in Car Navigation Systems.
Maxim Moldenhauer &  Scott McCrickard

SAP Community: Source for Business Interaction, Education, and Discussion.
Raimund Mollenhauer

Attention Tracking - Measuring the Focus of Attention.
Andy Disler, Christopher Mueller & Daniel Felix

Online Form Validation: Don't Show Errors Right Away.
Javier Bargas-Avila & Glenn Oberholzer

Usability Evaluation Applied to a Children’s Website.
Ferran Perdrix, Toni Granollers, Jesús Lorés & Ainara Zubillaga

The Ears Have It: A Task by Information Structure Taxonomy for Voice Access to Web Pages.
Pérez-Quiñones Manuel A, Capra Robert G & Zhiyan Shao

A Design System based on Architectural Representations.
Sviataslau Pranovich & Jarke  van Wijk

Project InfoSpace: From Information Managing to Information Representation.
Pamela Ravasio, Ljiljana Vukelja, Gabrio Rivera & Moira C.Norrie

Candidate Display Styles in Japanese Input.
Xiangshi Ren, Kinya Tamura, Jing Kong & Shumin Zhai

The New Text and Graphical Input Device: Compact Biometrical Data Acquisition Pen.
Ondrej Rohlik, Pavel Mautner, Vaclav Matousek & Juergen Kempf

The Intelligent E-Sales Clerk: the Basic Ideas.
Giovanni Sacco

Adaptation of Ergonomic Criteria to Human-Virtual Environments Interactions.
Cédric Bach & Dominique Scapin

Implementing Learning Content Management.
Samuel Schluep, Pamela Ravasio & Sissel Guttormsen Schär

Experimental Evaluation of Semantic Depth of Field, a Preattentive Method for Focus+Context Visualization.
Johann Schrammel, Verena Giller, Manfred Tscheligi, Robert Kosara, Helwig Hauser & Silvia Miksch

Evaluation of an Advisor Tool for Scenario Generation.
Jae Eun Shin, Alistar Sutcliffe & Andreas Gregoriades

Messages for Environmental Collaborative Monitoring: The Development of a Multi-sensory Clipart.
Maria João Silva, Joana Hipolito & Cristina Gouveia

The Socio-Political Culture of Users.
Shawren Singh & Paula Kotze

Usability Heuristics for Large Screen Information Exhibits.
Jacob Somervell, Shahtab Wahid & D. Scott McCrickard

Developing and Experiencing Mobile Video Communication.
Anne Soronen, Petri Packalén, Anu Jäppinen & Veijo Tuomisto

Perception of Human-Centred Stories and Technical Descriptions when Analyzing and Negotiating Requirements.
Georg Strom

Empirical Evaluation of Performance in Hybrid 3D and 2D Interfaces.
Sriram Subramanian, Dzmitry Aliakseyeu & Jean-Bernard Martens

Implicit Referring as an Indication of Familiarity in Face-to-Face and Phone Conversations.
Gunnvald Svendsen & Bente Evjemo

Looking for Help? Supporting Older Adults' Use of Computer Systems.
Audrey Syme, Anna Dickinson, Rosine Eisma & Peter Gregor

Clustering the Information Space Using Top-Ranking Sentences: A Study of User Interaction.
Anastasios Tombros, Joemon Jose, Ian Ruthven & Ryen White

Patch-based Video Browsing.
Ynze van Houten, Mark van Setten & Jan-Gerrit Schuurman

Interaction as enquiry- learning with layered dynamic media.
Peter Whalley

Designing a Football Experience for a Mobile Device.
Greger Wikstrand, Staffan Eriksson & Frida Östberg 


A High Immersive Tele- directing System Using CyberDome.
Tomoaki Adachi, Takefumi Ogawa, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa & Haruo Takemura

Establishing Design Principles for Diagrammatic VPLs.
Jarinee Chattratichart

The Photo Pyramid: A Device with a Graspable User-Interface for Shared Viewing of Digital Images.
Nishchal Deshpande, A. Panas, A. Bondaryeva, N. Kirillova & Y. Bondareva

Real Time Head Gesture Recognition in Affective Interfaces.
Rana El Kaliouby & Peter Robinson

Touch&Type - a Novel Input Method for Portable Computers.
Wolfgang Fallot-Burghardt, Helmut Krueger, Thomas Läubli, C. Speirs & S. Ziegenspeck

An EMG-Controlled Graphic Interface Considering Wearability.
Hyuk Jeong & JinSung Choi

Interactive Party Textiles.
Linda Melin, Henrik Jernström, Peter Ljungstrand & Johan Redström

The WANDerful Alcove: Encouraging constructive social interaction with a socially transforming interface.
Marije Kanis, Stefan Agamanolis, Cati Vaucelle & Glorianna Davenport

GITK in Comparison with other Adaptive Interface Toolkits.
Stefan Kost

Interactive Immersive Design Application: Analysis of Requirements.
Urs Künzler, Roger Wetzel & Martin Iseli

FMS - Flying Message Service: The Comeback of Carrier Pigeons.
Magnus Nilsson,  Magnus Johansson, Linda Sjödin & Christina Wisser

Gender Differences in Mental Workload during two Computer-based Tasks.
Nozomi Sato, Shinji Miyake & Yasufumi Kume

Zazu - Investigating the Difference between Interaction Approaches in Advisory Support Systems for Curriculum.
Judy van Biljon & Karen Renaud

Video papers

[edited by
Roel Vertegaal and
Stephanie Wilson]

Ada: a Playful Interactive Space. [video 24.7 MB]
T. Delbrück, K. Eng, A. Bäbler, U. Bernardet, M. Blanchard, A. Briska, M. Costa, R. Douglas, K. Hepp, D. Klein, J. Manzolli, M. Mintz, F. Roth, U. Rutishauser, K. Wassermann, A. Wittmann, A.M. Whatley, R. Wyss  &  P.F.M.J. Verschure

VisMeB: A Visual Metadata Browser. [video 21.4 MB]
Tobias Limbach, Harald Reiterer, Peter Klein & Frank Müller

Intuitive Storytelling Interaction: ZENetic Computer. [video 100.5 MB]
Naoko Tosa & Seigo Matsuoka

Digital Photo Browsing with Souvenirs. [video 73.6 MB]
Elise van den Hoven & Berry Eggen

Tangible Query Interfaces: Physically Constrained Tokens for Manipulating Database Queries. [video 24.8 MB]
Brygg Ullmer, Hiroshi Ishii & Robert Jacob

Interactive experiences

Virtual Variation of Earth Seasons: The 3D Java Solution.
Said Boutiche

Gudar – A Novel Group Music Instrument.
Nick Bryan-Kinns, Partick Healey & Mike Thirlwell

One Measure of Happiness – a dynamically updated interactive video narrative using gestures.
Amnon Dekel, Noam Knoller, Udi Ben-Arie, Maya Lotan & Mirit Tal

Constructed Narratives: Using Play to Breakdown Social.
Pamela Jennings & Peter Scupelli

The Fly‘s Eye: Interactive Installation using Video Tracking and Analysis.
Andrea Polli

Extended Moments.
Paul St George


Ontological Sketch Modelling (OSM): Concept-based Usability Analysis.
Ann Blandford & Iain Connell

Collaboration Technology in Teams, Organizations, and Communities.
Jonathan Grudin & Steven Poltrock

Usability Design: Integrating User Centered System Design in the Software Development Process.
Jan Gulliksen & Bengt Göransson

Half-Day Tutorial: Evaluating Interactive Products for and with Children.
Stuart MacFarlane, Janet Read, Johanna Höysniemi & Panos Markopoulos

Advanced Usability Testing Methodology.
Rolf Molich

Methods and Tools for Design of Multi-Platform Applications and Remote Usability Evaluation.
Fabio Paternò

Multimedia Design for the Web.
Alistair Sutcliffe & Leon Watts


Teaching HCI - Looking at Other Disciplines
Workshop of IFIP WG 13.1 on Education in HCI and HCI Curriculum. [all position papers]
Konrad Baumann, Paula Kotzé, Lars Oestreicher & Matthias Rauterberg

Software and Usability Cross-Pollination - The Role of Usability Patterns
2nd IFIP WG 13.2 Workshop on Software and Usability.
Peter Forbrig, Jan Gulliksen, Amed Seffah, Martijn van Welie & Jan Borchers

Experiences with Usability Labs.
Franz Kurfess & Erika Rogers

Exploring the Total Customer Experience: Usability Evaluations of (B2C) E-Commerce Environments.
Shailey Minocha & Liisa Dawson

Methods for Applying Activity Theory to HCI Design.
Daisy Mwanza & Olav Bertelsen

Including Accessibility and Inclusive Design in the Curriculum for Human-Computer Interaction.
Joint Workshop of
IFIP WG 13.1 Education in HCI and WG 13.3 on HCI and Disability:
Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture, Colette Nicolle, Paula Kotzé & Julio Abascal

The Business Case of HCI.
Patrick Steiger, Gitte Lindgaard, Daniel Felix & Nicola Millard

Putting Theory into Practice: How to apply cross-Cultural differences to user interface design?
Christian Sturm & Christopher Mueller

Closing the Gaps: Software Engineering and HCI. [all position papers]
Morten Borup Harning, Jean Vanderdonckt & Murielle Florins


Interaction Engineering and Design.
Guy Boy

Organizational overview

Center for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech.
John Carroll, Doug Bowman, S. McCrickard, C. North, M. Pérez-Quiñones & M. Rosson

Space and Virtuality Studio: A Participatory Design Lab.
Thomas Binder & Jörn Messeter

Nita – Swedish IT User Centre.
Anders Hektor & Jan Gulliksen

HCI Education in the Czech Republic.
Václav Matoušek & Pavel Slavík

User-System-Interaction Design Program: an Overview.
Matthias Rauterberg, Maddy Janse & Patricia Vinken

The good old Styleguide in a new light: enabling a user-oriented development process.
Michael Richter & Siegrun Heberle

Fostering the Strategic Value of Usability: The European Usability Forum.
Manfred Tscheligi, Verena Giller & Peter Fröhlich

HCI societies worldwide

HCI in Spain.
Julio Abascal & Jesús Lorés

State of the Art: HCI in New Zealand.
Mark Apperley, P. Carter, C. Churcher, A. Cockburn, M. Jones, B. Lobb, K. Novins, C. Phillips & W. Wong

HCI in Brazil: Prospects and Challenges.
Cecilia Baranauskas

HCI in Switzerland.
Daniel Felix,Patrick Steiger & Markus Stolze

HCI Research in the Czech Republic.
Václav Matoušek & Pavel Slavík

The British Human-Computer Interaction Group.
Tom McEwan, Nico MacDonald, Gilbert Cockton

Gesellschaft für Informatik (Germany).
Horst Oberquelle

New Horizons for HCI in South Africa.
Janet Wesson & Darelle van Greunen

Special interests groups

Semiotics of interaction.
Cecilia Baranauskas & Carlos Alberto Scolari

End-user development.
Fabio Paternò, Alexander Repenning & Alistair Sutcliffe

The role of cultural theories within international usability.
Andy Smith, Tim French & Karen Gunter

The usability lab of the future.
R.D. Beer, W.M. Lehmann, L.P.J.J. Noldus, F. Paternò, E.H. Schmidt, W.J. ten Hove & J.J.M. Theuws

System demonstrations

The Visual Interaction Platform.
Dzmitry Aliakseyeu, Bernard Champoux, Jean-Bernard Martens, Matthias Rauterberg & Sriram Subramanian

The Augmented Round Table - a New Interface to Urban Planning and Architectural Design.
Wolfgang Broll, Moritz Stoerring & Chiron Mottram

Interactive Trip Planning with Trip@dvise.
Dario Cavada, Nader Mirzadeh, Francesco Ricci & Adriano Venturini

3D Model Viewer with Real-time Viewpoint Tracking System.
Jun Iio, Tomoyuki Yatabe & Kazuo Hiyane

Key Functionalities of SAP Community.
Raimund Mollenhauer

MAI: An Authoring System for Designing Interactive Learning Modules.
M.N. Mukuna, J. Vancleve, P. Calmant, C. Pirotte, I. Housen, A. de Baenst-Vandenbroucke, D. Rousselet, J. Vandenhaute, E. Depiereux & M. Noirhomme-Fraiture

Visualization and Analysis of Formula One Racing Results with InfoZoom - the Demo.
Michael Spenke & Christian Beilken